Understanding a Woman

Women are innately gullible.
Despite going through millions of heartbreaks, they still fall easily. Being handsome is a plus, but humor, kindness and sweet gestures traps them the most.
Some would pretend and lie to themselves that they haven’t fallen yet, whereas some would eat the cheese and be caught.

For those who got hurt, they often put a protective wall around themselves, but every sweet gesture from a man puts a crack in it. They try to disregard the fluttering of their heart by faking disinterest which takes one heck of an effort to do so.

Whilst in the process of trying to tell themselves to stay away, another part of their brain tells them to try once again. The series of what if’s drives them to the point of trying despite seeing a warning signal from the man.

This is why they have to be taken cared of.
When a woman returns your feelings, they give you a part of their heart. It may not be whole at first, but it will in the long run. It’s your job to treat it with outmost care and not let her protective wall get the best of her.

When a woman is in too much pain, she numbs it away by being silent. It’s her way of telling you she’s hurt that even talking about it kills her. A woman, when hurt deeply, does not nag and inform you what you’ve done. They think it’s something you have to know and feel , and when you do not do something about it, day by day, her protective wall strengthens and she leaves.

She’ll leave to protect herself once more, but a part of her wishes for you to contact her and declare apology and love. If you don’t, she’ll get hurt enough to cry one last time and finally let’s you go.

She’d strengthen her protective wall until another man cracks it one more time.

A woman will never learn no matter how many times they get hurt.
Some may be able to stay single for years, but it doesn’t mean they’ve never fell. No man was just strong enough to break the barrier of pain she protected herself from.


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