Homeless people on the streets

A friend told me that she once helped a child and gave him money. Months later, that child came up to her and thanked her. The kid said, “Do you remember me? I was the one you gave P100 to ($2.00 of converted) I just want to thank you because my brother and I didn’t have food for 3 days and he was sick at that time. I used the money to buy a pack of candies in order to sell it and have more money for us to buy something to eat. I also bought a medicine for my brother.”

See? Not all kids nor people on the streets are syndicates that merely wants money in order to make themselves rich. So what if they are? Would it hurt to give a farthing of what you have in your purse? If you really do not want to give money, then go to a bakery or any store nearby, bring that kid and buy him/her food.

It hurts to think that out of all the hundreds of people passing them, they couldn’t buy food to feed themselves. Will a farthing out of your pocket bankrupt you? No… it won’t.

It’s so sad that people refuses to give money or food to them, but gives money to organizations.
Those organizations may be helping, but think about it, others are helping them too.
Why not help the one who personally approached you? You don’t know what effect it could do to them.
What may seem little to you may be everything to them.


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