Being the Eldest

Being the eldest sibling is no tough job.
You carry the task of taking care of your family in times of trouble and tends to end up caring less for yourself.

This link might help you understand:

People often ask how difficult is it to be one.
To be honest? It’s really not that difficult. Why? Because eldest siblings are innately caring and sacrificial.
They do not count their favors; they just give and give.

Let’s not be hypocrites.
Anger shows the beast side of anyone, which is why, while reading this, a part of your brain is starting to mock and say, “Well, Andrew isn’t like that.” But have you noticed?
No matter how much you argue or fight, when trouble comes, your eldest sibling is the first one you go to and is the first one who helps.

It’s because despite everything, they love you.
It’s not just because it’s their responsibility, but because they’ve been molded to be mature, woman or man enough to fight against the rigor of a storm.

I, for one, is theeldest sibling of the family.
Whenever I give and spend thousands of money to my family, I don’t feel any regrets of doing so. People would ask, how come I don’t get tired?
Of course, I get tired. Who doesn’t?
But if I can do something to help, why won’t I, right?
However, it hurts…when you have to give the money that was allotted for your NEEDS.
Such an irony how I was able to pay for my brother’s tuition fee of 30k, but wasn’t able to pay mine which was only half of his.

God has a reason for everything and I strongly believe that.
Maybe someday, I’ll understand how come I went through so many hardships in my life, being the aforementioned only a quarter of it. Despite everything, God has never left my side. Faith is the greatest armor that I have against the obscurity of life.

Love your elder siblings no matter how nagging they may be at times, because when you try to look back and forget all the animosity you have for each other, it’s them who backed you up.


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