Morning Thoughts #1 (7.9.17)

Everyone has their own struggles in life. Each person, either made by fault or done to spite them. However, I strongly believe that there’s a reason for everything. You may not know it now, but there will be soon.

If you’re having financial issues and you managed to live day by day, slowly surviving and never letting it get the best of you, maybe this is some sort of training God wanted you to go through in order to be wise in money handling or he wants you to learn the hardship of earning one and wants you to learn how not to overspend.

If you feel like everyone’s counting on you, with each responsibility starting to become a heavy stone on your back, it may be for you to learn how to handle your own family with ease.

I honestly don’t know when I started being like this. It’s not that I always see the good in things; I cry, but I always think of every problem as my training ground. Maybe, God gave me these problems to see if I could handle it ,or maybe, more problems will arise soon and he wanted me to feel that I survived then, why can’t I now?

Surviving life is a matter of perspective.
If you let your demons bring you down, you won’t get anywhere. Life is difficult and that’s a given. You just have to do something to get past it.


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