Is it so difficult to simply believe?

I am working as part of a management on one of the big research companies around the globe. Every week, newly batch of trainees would be endorsed in our team. Years passed by and I haven’t gotten the chance to talk to any of our colleagues about my thoughts about random things.

Finally, I was able to do so. One is a Philosophy teacher and the other one is a Theologian.

The Theologian, let’s call him by the name Randall, called my attention whilst I was checking to see their work. He said, “What you posted online about love caught my attention because it wasn’t how people at your age usually perceives things.” It was then that we started to talk and we came up to the topic about Jesus.

I opened up to him that I know someone who is Agnostic. She knew that He existed, but she believes that what happens to us isn’t because He’s controlling it; rather, because of our own doing. She has too many questions. Questions typically asked by others such as, “Who made Him?” or  “Does He really exist?” I was then reminded of the book, Da Vinci Code. I am not religious, but I am spiritual. My faith in Him is something of which I am proud of. The book was nice, but then, I wasn’t able to finish it nor do I have any plans to.

Why? Because I don’t understand why people make a big deal of him falling in love with a woman which resulted to them having a child. If He was born into this world as a man, then falling in love isn’t much of a big deal, is it? He has all the right to love and to be distressed. Does Him being the son of God disable him from having that right? Whether he did or did not, I do not care. He loved us with all his heart; saved us from our sins, feeling every lash of pain from those barbarians and yet people make a big deal of something that isn’t even a quarter of his sacrifices for us.

Questions result to further questions. Some said I should try “studying” the bible. Why? What for? To raise further questions? I am happy with what I am knowledgeable of. I am happy knowing that I know some of his teachings because of the scriptures being read to us every Sunday. I am happy knowing my love for him is as strong as a bamboo swaying, but never breaking. I am happy to know that He knows I love Him.

If there are things that was removed from the Bible, then so be it.

Maybe there are reasons for it.

Maybe there are reasons why it was forcefully removed or hidden.

Maybe, now’s not the time for us to know.

Life is a series of days that consists of inconsistency. 

There’s nothing permanent in this world. No one could give a direct answer to something; not even scientists or the smartest people in the world, because there will always be what if’s; there will always be How’s, why’s and what’s.

Is it so difficult to simply believe?


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