How do you do it?
How do you manage to smile despite all the pain you feel inside?
How do you pay your dues, buy what your family wants needs and still end up smiling with nothing but a single bill left for yourself?

You want to cry, don’t you?
Why don’t you do so?
Are the tears too stubborn to fall or
are you the stubborn one?

Why don’t you tell them you’re hurting?
Why do you always pretend that you’re okay?
Why don’t you say, for once, that you’re tired?
Why do you always try to find a way and be a hero?

Because you love them.
Don’t you love yourself?
Of course you do, but you love them more, don’t you?

Why are your eyes watery?
Why is the screen getting blurry?
Why is your heart so tight?
Why is it so bruised inside?

You want to send yourself to school, but you can’t because you prioritize them first.
You want to buy lots of clothes, but dues hinders you from doing such.
You want to buy a new bag every 3months and not just once or twice a year, but you can’t because your brother’s tuition is more important.
You want to say you don’t want to help anymore, but you end up finding ways  to solve their problems.

Will you be okay?
You have to let those tears fall you know.
Not doing such will kill you.

Let it fall.

Feel the tears as it run down your cheek.
Keep crying and do not stop.

Cry until your eyes are sore;
Cry until the pain bursts free;
Cry until you’re okay,
Because someday you’ll be okay.

One day, I know, I’ll be okay.


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