Blue Rose


He’s handsome, but not my type;
he fed me compliments,
and made me smile.
We became friends and suddenly clicked;
shared stories and secrets
that we promised to keep.

It started with a casual hello;
who would think my feelings would grow?
It’s like a blue rose, that I never had,
filled with thorns, pain that shouldn’t have.

Days passed into weeks then to months,
and I knew everything was changing.
I had to do something,
and speed up the ending.

It was a joyful day,
but I had to say goodbye.
Each time I see the band on his finger,
tears prickle my eyes.

It’s not a love that can never be,
because we won’t be getting there.
I will not let myself fall;
there’s no love for us to share.

Today, he made me cry;
and he doesn’t know the real reason why.
It’s my last goodbye,
to kill the feelings inside.

The blue rose wilted,
and so did a part of me;
but I left a seed,to remind me
that I am still the woman I used to be.


***pictures are not mine; courtesy of google (


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