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Chin or known as Ces by most people, is a book worm. She loves reading books, watching documentaries and talking about anything under the sun. She's one inquisitive gal, but has never really thought of publishing her thoughts online (till recently.) She writes stories, helps her friends with their case studies for free (doing 90% of it most of the time because she loves sharing her thoughts about things), known to be as everyone's guidance counselor and a self-praised singer. When she sings, clouds turn to gray and heavy rain pours. That's the reason why she opts to sing less in order to conserve her voice. Wouldn't want Ursula to get her magical voice the same way he did to Ariel. That would be quite a disaster.


Because today is another rare day~


They have no clue
that at times it’s you
who starts the game
we play for the day

A quick kiss
sweet and swift
I’ll be surprised
you’ll grin like a child

To match yours
I look at the clock
kiss you back
and secretly smile

Other things
no one but us knows
Hiding my wings
as our story goes

Many other secrets
keeping to ourselves
Just you and I
and our secret time


Our Story

Just a quick run through
of how it became me and you
Started with hello
and we could not let go

You’re like a thug at night
stealing what shouldn’t be
There goes our plight
you stole a part of me

Candies became like a rose
Words became like a toast
What’s normal became special
My heart suddenly peculiar

We clicked like summer rain
In each others arms we stayed
There were lots of pain
but we found different ways

Now we’re here again
less than lovers but more than friends
A cycle it has always been
A crazy but fun ride, it may seem

Just a quick run through
of how it became me and you
I’m sure I missed a lot
but I can only say much

This is the story
of how we came to be
Started with hello
and how we can’t let go

Blue Christmas

***This is for same friend I dedicate the poem, “Adios Mi Amore.” I do hope she’ll be over it soon. 

The snow is falling
my heart is breaking
People are cuddling
mine is crying

I remember the days
our love did not faze
Until the day I said goodbye
and I saw you fly

I thought I was okay
didn’t even ask you to stay
I left your heart at bay
celebrated your own Christmas day

The snow is falling
you have someone new
Now I’m crying
whispering, “I still love you”

Batman: A Love Untold

Batman drove through the city never meant to fall

But I was too pretty to resist– of that, I can recall
I have a story to tell, one of the many times he fell
No books could share this story, so listen well

One night Batman stole my heart
Didn’t look back and kept it within
Since then we could not part
Despite a love that’s forbidden

The dark knight fell for me
Liking me despite the heresy
In his batmobile we ride
Forgetting the rules we had to abide

There were tears but mostly laughter
A comfortable silence when we’re together
It started with a hug then a kiss
Which lead to days and months of bliss

He had to slay monsters along the way
We went through storms, our hearts at bay
Bruised, wounded, tired and beat
We both thought we’re done and over with

Like a hero that shouldn’t fall for a mortal
A relationship that’s both happy and brutal
We don’t know how many more jokers there is
We’ll fight them and end each day with a kiss

Chapter after chapter we’re still here
Getting nearer to the end we fear
Sometime soon both of us will have to be firm
But for now, let’s kill each monster without a squirm

What you’ve read is our story that wasn’t known
Years later, I have come to share it all
Batman never returned the heart he stole
He’s there somewhere, who knows?

An untold tale of a mortal falling in love
To a hero that she should not have
Batman drove through the city not seeing her
But she smiled for she once fell in love with a dark wanderer

Adios Mi Amore

***A poem for my friend whose heart is currently in pain.

Adios mi amore

You have someone new
My heart is sore
From crying over you

Million sad songs
Won’t help me through
I let you go
Now you have someone new

Can I have you back?
I want you back
Alas! Mi amore
You no longer want to

I’ll love you from afar
And cry in the dark
Adios mi amore
My love is with you forevermore

Win Me Back

Win me back, please

I want to stop all this
It’s hard cause he completes me
He makes me really happy

But I don’t want to be number two
Even when I pretend I do
I settle for it because I’m happy with him
Even when he’d be gone in a whim

Baby your woman is still here
Please come back to me
Baby I’m hurting
He’s everything I like and feared

Wrap me in your arms again
Tell me I’m still your girlfriend
He’s hurting me being his number two
But I love the two of you

Save me cause I can’t save myself
Win me back cause I’m drowning
It feels like I’m held on by a kelp
Win me back cause I’m suffocating