One Minute



I approached you in the subtlest way I can
and asked how you’re doing
told you things that wasn’t what my heart
wanted to say, but we got to talk anyway
I stayed for less than a minute
But that minute brought a smile to my face
My once lover, now stranger
we’re trying to be friends again
You smiled
I smiled
but deep inside
know that my heart cried
and a part of me lived then died
But I’m happy for you
someday soon
I know
I’ll be okay too



Her Smile




That dazzling smile captivates hearts
with teeth porcelain white
Oh! By looking at it I could die
One day came, your smile died
I looked at your eyes
Darling, you cried
Those porcelain white hidden from view
Who did this to you?
With your shaking fingertips
you cover your quivering lips
I felt the pain of the lady who smiles
her heart shattering inside
and I couldn’t help but ask why
of all the people why take her smile?

I love you, Goodbye



“Did you even try to think that maybe I’m still hurting; that maybe I still miss you; that maybe I’m just trying to be okay even when I’m not? Did you even? Because you know why I don’t tell you that I’m missing you? Why I don’t tell you that my heart is still aching from loving you?” She cried exasperatedly. “Because what for? It wouldn’t change a thing! You’re not mine and I’m not yours! Saying that I do would just make us live in a facade…a…a mirage of love that doesn’t have solid grounds…spending few hours a day, alone at night wishing we’re together.” She wiped her unshed tears as his vision of him blurred, her heart bursting with pain. “I cannot catch you anymore. I wish I could, but I can’t. You had your chance..and you didn’t grab that…and this time, I can’t anymore. So, I’m sorry, because our time is up and we just have to accept that no matter how much it hurts.”


Cup of Tea

When the love that you once had, now only serves as a painful memory;

a history;

a bygone;

but you’re there stuck on the same page

same spot;

reliving the past;

even if it hurts a lot

because that’s all you got.

***originally posted in my IG account. (ccljnpoetry)

It doesn’t hurt


It doesn’t hurt anymore
but each night I lock my door
I cry on my own
Tears stream down my face
wanting you to stay
No, it doesn’t hurt anymore
my heart’s bleeding to its core
I’m faking a smile
pretending all this time
Let me say it again,
It doesn’t hurt anymore
even when it does
cause I’m left here
crying on my own